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  • Taneja-Converging Branch IT Infrastructure The Right Way - Riverbed SteelFusion
    In this Taneja Group Product Profile we review Riverbed’s SteelFusion (formerly Granite), and examine how it marries together multiple technical advances to deliver innovative branch converged infrastructure. SteelFusion supports distributed IT by addressing traditional branch challenges – providing simplified deployment, resiliency in the face of network issues, improved protection, fast recovery from the central datacenter, and
    a greatly lowered OPEX.
  • Edge Consolidation Delivers
    Peace of Mind for IT

    As organizations consolidate backup and disaster recovery operations, WAN optimization plays a key role in mitigating risk without sacrificing performance. Discover a new architectural approach that extends the virtual edge of the data center to the branch for complete server and data consolidation without a performance compromise.
  • Eliminating the Challenge of
    Branch Office Recovery

    In today’s global economy, companies are increasingly distributed. That puts IT in a precarious position, especially when it comes to disaster recovery. It can take days to restore branch operations. Branch converged infrastructure delivers local performance, stores data safely in the datacenter, and enables instant recovery. Learn how to recover faster, reduce risk, and save money.
  • Taneja-Transforming Resiliency and TCO with Riverbed SteelFusion
    Riverbed SteelFusion, as the first converged infrastructure solution purpose-built for the branch, promises to transform branch IT through the stateless “projection” of data, applications, and VMs actually stored in the datacenter. In this Taneja Group Technology Validation we found that SteelFusion truly can transform branch IT by reducing complexity, injecting powerful capabilities and making the branch resilient,
    protected, and recoverable.
  • Securing Edge Data
    at the Center 2014

    Data in branch and remote offices is subject to a variety of threats. Data centers are built to secure data, but remote offices lack the same level defenses. It’s now possible to eliminate the risks of branch office IT, consolidating servers and storage into the datacenter without sacrificing the benefits of having servers at the edge close to users.
  • Converging Branch Infrastructure for Simplicity, Efficiency, and Lower Costs
    Branch office IT deployments exist as isolated islands of infrastructure that are difficult to manage. This approach is expensive and puts your data at risk. Branch converged infrastructure lets you transform the provisioning and recovery of data and applications in branch offices, centralizing data to reduce risk of downtime and data loss without adversely impacting end-user performance in branch offices.